For those of you who are fans of the Mother in Law tongue plant or commonly called Sansivera / Sansevieria, it might be familiar with the name sansivera penguins / pinguiculata. But for those of you who just know or are new to the sansivera plant / tongue-in-law, of course the name is so strange to hear in your ear.

On this occasion I will discuss about some types of Sansevieria plants that became idols in the community of Sansevieria plant enthusiasts. The following are some Sansevieria plants that have been idols of Sansevieria fan communities in 2018:

sansevieria pinguiculata

sansevieria pinguiculata

sansevieria superba

sansevieria masoniana

Those are some types of Sansevieria plants that have become idols of Sansevieria plant lovers in 2018. Of course there are those who ask, does the above type have the ability to absorb the same air toxins as the Sansevieria Trifaschiata type? The answer is “yes”. All Sanseeria plants have the same ability to absorb the poison of the air around it and be able to produce oxygen even at night. It’s just that the difference lies in how large the cross section is, because the more leaves or the wider the leaf, the more filtered air.

Hopefully the information above is useful for you. Let’s plant trees to reduce air pollution.