Did you know that in a room there are some objects that contain chemicals that are harmful to health? Yes, totally correct. Starting from wall paint, furniture, furniture, metal materials, printer ink, air conditioner, etc. Chemicals contained in these objects can be released and blend with the air in the room. Indeed the amount is not too much, but if inhaled continuously every day, then the amount will accumulate so it will be dangerous for your health.

To solve the problem, you must filter the air inside the room. The easiest way is to put the plant as a natural air purifier inside the room. Plants will absorb air toxins that are in the room to be food, then processed and reissued in the form of clean air (oxygen).

Based on the results of research conducted by NASA (National Space Agency United States) Here are some plants that are able to do so:


  1. Gerbera Daisy (family of chrysanthemum flowers)
  2. English Ivy (betel ivory family)
  3. Peace Lily (Spatyphilum)
  4. Dracaena
  5. Sansevieria / Snake Plant / Mother In Law Thongue
  6. Bamboo Palm
  7. Janet Craig
  8. Philodendron
  9. Chinese Evergreen
  10. Aglaonema
  11. Spider Plant

Of all the plants mentioned above, the best is Sansivera AKA Snake Plant AKA Mother In Law Thongue, because this plant is stronger than other plants if placed in the room. Treatment is easy, just watered 2 times a week, or if you are too busy, once a week is not a problem for sansevieria plants. In addition to its benefits that can absorb air toxins, this plant was able to release oxygen at night, in contrast to other plants.

So in conclusion, if you want to put plants indoors as a natural air purifier, there are many options, but among them Sansevieria is more advisable because of its ability to absorb air toxins, their unique shape, and still release oxygen at night.

Hopefully this article useful for you and your family.