Is there a lot of furniture in your bedroom? The answer must be diverse, some have a lot of furniture, some are slightly furnished. But, did you know that the furniture that is in your bedroom remove chemical compounds released into the air so that the air toxins or commonly called air pollution that can be harmful to our bodies.

From wall paint, varnish from furniture, to the air your air-conditioning machine releases, even if the amount is small, but it will be a lot in the long run.

Maybe some of you ask if the problem of air pollution in your bedroom can be overcome in a natural way. The answer of course can, namely by putting plants in your bedroom. The problem now is what plants are suitable to put in the bedroom because most plants release CO2 or carbon dioxide at night.

The answer to that problem is Sansivera AKA Snake Plant AKA Mother In Law Thongue. True, the plant we usually call the tongue-in-law can absorb air toxins released by furniture and air conditioning machines that exist in your bedroom. The amazing thing is this plant can produce oxygen (O2) though at night, so it is safe if you put it in your bedroom. The air is clean, sleep is better quality.

There are many types of sansivera with a unique and beautiful shape, so not only a natural air purifier in your bedroom, but can be your bedroom decoration so not only the health benefits you get, but also the beauty aesthetics you get. In addition, the treatment of this plant was easy, just watered a little water, once a week all in the sun on the terrace of the house. Let’s reduce air pollution from our homes.