Do you think Air Pollution is just outdoors (street, factory, and other open spaces)? The answer is no. Air Poisons / Pollutants are also found in the room around us without us knowing it. Sources of indoor pollutants include air conditioning, wall paint, ceiling / wall made of Gypsum, Glue, Carpet, Tissue, Printer Machine, Cigarette smoke, and motor vehicle fumes when you start a car or motorcycle in the garage or in front of the house . In fact, one hour you are in the kitchen that is being used for cooking is the same as an active smoker who smokes 6 cigarettes.

Dizziness, headaches, tired eyes, and fatigue are the symptoms that are often felt by people all day working in office buildings that are often referred to as Sick Building Syndrome, or maybe a sneezing family member in the morning, it is all a disease caused by viruses and bacteria and pollutants that we unknowingly are in the room of the house / apartment / office.

Gas CO (Carbonmonoksida) produced by cigarettes, smoke vehicles and kitchens inhaled by humans through the respiratory process, then the CO gas will flow in the blood. If in the blood there is CO gas, then Hemoglobin will be more bound by CO, because the binding power of CO with Hemoglobin is much stronger than the binding capacity of Oxygen with Hemoglobin. If there is excessive CO content in the blood, then in the end the levels of oxygen in the blood will decrease dramatically. If the limbs lack of oxygen, such as the brain, it will cause central nervous system disorders, and if it occurs in all members of the body there will be a complex disorder or often we call Complications.

The solution to the problem is to improve air quality, both inside and outside the room. The most Efficient and Effective way is to put plants that can reduce Pollutant Gas in every corner of the room and in the yard of the house / outdoor.

This toxic vacuum plant will utilize toxic gases for metabolic processes in cells, then be re-released as Oxygen. When the plant breathes it will absorb pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide and other toxic gases. Pollutants or toxic gases that have been absorbed by stomata (Leaf Mouth) will enter the metabolic system in the plant body. The absorbed pollutant is then sent to the root, in this part of the microbe conducts the detoxification process. Through this process, microbes produce a substance that is needed by plants. In the process produced a gas that is beneficial to humans is Oxygen. This process takes place continuously as long as the plant is alive, so you can breathe clean air for 24 hours.


From some types of absorbent air toxins, Sansivera AKA Snake Plant AKA Mother In Law Thongue is the best of all, because this plant not only absorbs air toxins, but also produces oxygen at night so it is safe if you want to place it in the room. Treatment is also quite easy so it suits you dynamic and busy work.
Hopefully this article useful for you.