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The Sansivera Type Becomes an Idol in 2018

For those of you who are fans of the Mother in Law tongue plant or commonly called Sansivera / Sansevieria, it might be familiar with the name sansivera penguins / pinguiculata. But for those of you who just know or are new to the sansivera plant / tongue-in-law, of course the name is so strange to hear in your ear.

On this occasion I will discuss about some types of Sansevieria plants that became idols in the community of Sansevieria plant enthusiasts. The following are some Sansevieria plants that have been idols of Sansevieria fan communities in 2018:

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Ornamental Plants Most Suitable For In The Bedroom

Is there a lot of furniture in your bedroom? The answer must be diverse, some have a lot of furniture, some are slightly furnished. But, did you know that the furniture that is in your bedroom remove chemical compounds released into the air so that the air toxins or commonly called air pollution that can be harmful to our bodies.

From wall paint, varnish from furniture, to the air your air-conditioning machine releases, even if the amount is small, but it will be a lot in the long run.

Maybe some of you ask if the problem of air pollution in your bedroom can be overcome in a natural way. The answer of course can, namely by putting plants in your bedroom. The problem now is what plants are suitable to put in the bedroom because most plants release CO2 or carbon dioxide at night.

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The Benefits of Sansevieria or Mother In Law Thongue Plant For Indoor Air Toxins


Did you know that in a room there are some objects that contain chemicals that are harmful to health? Yes, totally correct. Starting from wall paint, furniture, furniture, metal materials, printer ink, air conditioner, etc. Chemicals contained in these objects can be released and blend with the air in the room. Indeed the amount is not too much, but if inhaled continuously every day, then the amount will accumulate so it will be dangerous for your health.

To solve the problem, you must filter the air inside the room. The easiest way is to put the plant as a natural air purifier inside the room. Plants will absorb air toxins that are in the room to be food, then processed and reissued in the form of clean air (oxygen).

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Based on the results of a study by NASA, Sansivera AKA Snake Plant AKA Mother In Law Thongue is a unique plant that has the benefit of absorbing 107 kinds of air toxins that exist in our environment, even some sources say that this plant is able to absorb radiation of electronic goods such as Mobile, Television, Computers, Sansivera AKA Snake Plant AKA Mother In Law Thongue releases Oxygen for 24 hours continuously.

This plant is also able to reduce Sick Building Syndrome, a disease that arises from working too long in an air conditioned room, symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, stiffness, stress, etc.

Sansivera is very well placed in the room, whether at home, office, hotel, etc. This plant is also very good if used as a gift / gift for special people on a special day or in the day.

Many who already have this plant at home or office, but many are still confused how to care. Here’s how to take care of your Sansivera plant (For those placed in the room):

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Do you think Air Pollution is just outdoors (street, factory, and other open spaces)? The answer is no. Air Poisons / Pollutants are also found in the room around us without us knowing it. Sources of indoor pollutants include air conditioning, wall paint, ceiling / wall made of Gypsum, Glue, Carpet, Tissue, Printer Machine, Cigarette smoke, and motor vehicle fumes when you start a car or motorcycle in the garage or in front of the house . In fact, one hour you are in the kitchen that is being used for cooking is the same as an active smoker who smokes 6 cigarettes.

Dizziness, headaches, tired eyes, and fatigue are the symptoms that are often felt by people all day working in office buildings that are often referred to as Sick Building Syndrome, or maybe a sneezing family member in the morning, it is all a disease caused by viruses and bacteria and pollutants that we unknowingly are in the room of the house / apartment / office.

Gas CO (Carbonmonoksida) produced by cigarettes, smoke vehicles and kitchens inhaled by humans through the respiratory process, then the CO gas will flow in the blood. If in the blood there is CO gas, then Hemoglobin will be more bound by CO, because the binding power of CO with Hemoglobin is much stronger than the binding capacity of Oxygen with Hemoglobin. If there is excessive CO content in the blood, then in the end the levels of oxygen in the blood will decrease dramatically. If the limbs lack of oxygen, such as the brain, it will cause central nervous system disorders, and if it occurs in all members of the body there will be a complex disorder or often we call Complications.

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